rpm  4.17.0
Data Fields
pgpPktCdata_s Struct Reference

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#include <rpmpgp.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t compressalgo
uint8_t data [1]

Detailed Description


Compressed Data Packet (Tag 8)

The Compressed Data packet contains compressed data. Typically, this packet is found as the contents of an encrypted packet, or following a Signature or One-Pass Signature packet, and contains literal data packets.

The body of this packet consists of:

A Compressed Data Packet's body contains an block that compresses some set of packets. See section "Packet Composition" for details on how messages are formed.

ZIP-compressed packets are compressed with raw RFC 1951 DEFLATE blocks. Note that PGP V2.6 uses 13 bits of compression. If an implementation uses more bits of compression, PGP V2.6 cannot decompress it.

ZLIB-compressed packets are compressed with RFC 1950 ZLIB-style blocks.

Definition at line 772 of file rpmpgp.h.

Field Documentation

◆ compressalgo

uint8_t pgpPktCdata_s::compressalgo

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◆ data

uint8_t pgpPktCdata_s::data[1]

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