Added on 2008-11-01
Kompulsa offers a collection of free Ogg ringtones from several independent artists.
Added on 2006-03-25
The Kahvi Collective provides music from original artists in Ogg Vorbis.
added on 2003-10-13 12:14:48.40
Magnatune is an Internet record label, but they're not evil. You can listen to all their entire albums. When you buy or license music, 50% goes straight to the musician, and you can download OGG/FLAC/WAV/MP3-VBRs versions of the album. No DRM, ever.
added on 2003-07-07 13:50:24.88
Fabco is an Austin, TX musical project mixing electronic, rock, and experimental styles, and is a long time supporter of the Ogg Vorbis format.
added on 2003-12-13 01:53:06.86
theGREENzebra writes remixes, original, and videogame music and offers it all in Ogg Vorbis.
added on 2003-02-13 06:38:04.32
Hörstreich, a punk rock band from Augsburg, Germany offers Ogg Vorbis downloads of their music.
added on 2003-02-05 15:11:13.92
Want some Swedish metal? Then, by all means, visit Machinae Supremacy.
added on 2003-02-02 11:02:37.25
URN is a student radio station from Nottingham in the UK which broadcasts a broad range of music styles from popular to the more alternative and specialist, as well as speech based programmes.
added on 2002-11-15 10:55:10.18
WCPE has started offering an Ogg Vorbis stream. Now you can enjoy great classical music 24 hours a day in the best format out there.
added on 2002-11-15 10:34:16.40
Zentriert ins Antlitz, an industrial german EBM band, has posted Ogg Vorbis files for download.
added on 2002-10-29 00:08:48.57
Monique Brumby left behind Sony Records to go indie on her second album, Signal Hill... and at the same time replaced MP3 and WMA on her website with Ogg!
added on 2002-06-20 17:16:13.88
Numavox Records records has announced they are offering Ogg Vorbis downloads of their available music. Numavox is the record company of Dove-award winning solo artist/producer, Kerry Livgren. Previously, Livgren was the songwriter/guitarist for KANSAS, writing such classics as "Dust in the Wind" and "Carry On, Wayward Son."
added on 2002-02-06 06:49:21.00
BeatPoetz, a hip-hop group from San Diego, CA (on the SD local record label accidentProne records), has put out several complete tracks in Ogg format!
added on 2001-10-20 20:10:26.00
A youth-centre/club called 'Jugendzentrum Oerlinghausen' located near Bielefeld in Germany now provides tracks on their website (exclusively ogg-encoded) from the bands that play at their centre.
added on 2001-10-20 20:06:30.00
A site dedicated to sharing and downloading music loops for use in Sonic Foundry's ACID program now hosts all of their loops exclusively in the Ogg Vorbis format.
added on 2001-09-25 14:39:15.00
A site for free music in Switzerland (in German). Music is published under the EFFs Open Audio License and the site recommends encoding to the Ogg Vorbis format. Anybody can publish his/her music under the OAL and user-rated charts are generated.
added on 2001-09-19 07:54:33.00
Realisation has some electronic music on their website in the Ogg format ranging from ambient to house to breakbeat.
added on 2001-09-19 06:23:22.00
DJ Aphrodisiak offers some house, techno and tech-house mixes saved as Ogg on his site.
added on 2001-09-19 05:59:02.00
The French band named Kro men have released their CD entitled Phallussy in the Ogg format.
added on 2001-09-19 05:53:48.00
A Dutch band has released several full-length tracks in the Ogg format.
added on 2001-08-07 02:45:24.00
Here you can find recorded speeches given by Richard M. Stallman in Ogg Vorbis format.
added on 2001-07-27 03:51:43.00
German Linux Radio show that has broadcast and archives available in Ogg Vorbis format.
added on 2001-07-27 03:51:43.00
The band from the Netherlands has released their CD, Dystopian Anthropotagonism, under the Open Audio License in Ogg Vorbis format.
added on 2001-07-07 15:51:22.00
A Danish death metal band with Oggs online for listening.
added on 2001-07-03 16:00:20.00
ssp tries to capture the images and sounds that form in the right hand side of the brain and now they've put them online in OGG format.
added on 2005-10-29 00:16:20.00
A Belgium band. Inspired by electronic sounds, Kog Theorem is a dynamical interaction between man and machine. Available in Vorbis and Flac.