rpm  4.17.0
lib Directory Reference


file  header.h [code]
 An rpm header carries all information about a package.
file  rpmarchive.h [code]
 File archive (aka payload) API.
file  rpmcallback.h [code]
 (un)install callbacks
file  rpmcli.h [code]
 Parsing RPM command line arguments.
file  rpmdb.h [code]
 RPM database API.
file  rpmds.h [code]
 Structure(s) used for dependency tag sets.
file  rpmfi.h [code]
 File info set iterator API.
file  rpmfiles.h [code]
 File info set API.
file  rpmlib.h [code]
 In Memoriam: Steve Taylor stayl.nosp@m.or@r.nosp@m.edhat.nosp@m..com was here, now he's not.
file  rpmpol.h [code]
 Structure(s) used for policy sets.
file  rpmprob.h [code]
 Structures and prototypes used for an rpm problem item.
file  rpmps.h [code]
 Structures and prototypes used for an "rpmps" problem set.
file  rpmtag.h [code]
 Accessing RPM tags: values, types, ...
file  rpmtd.h [code]
 RPM Tag Data Container API.
file  rpmte.h [code]
 Structures used for an "rpmte" transaction element.
file  rpmts.h [code]
 Structures and prototypes used for an "rpmts" transaction set.
file  rpmtypes.h [code]
 Typedefs for RPM abstract data types.