Unofficial gvSIG Mobile for Linux devices

Starting the application

There should be an icon under "Applications - Geospatial Beta software" to start this application. You can also start it by typing ugvsigmo in a Linux terminal.


For more details, visit these websites:

Special thanks


The gvSIG and gvSIG Mobile projects are funded by the Conselleria d'Infraestructures i Transports (Generalitat Valenciana, Spain) and developed by Prodevelop SL, Iver and Instituto Robotica (UV):

gvSIG Mobile is a JME-CDC GIS application that runs on pocket PCs and smartphones. The official version runs so far only on Windows Mobile.

In summer 2008, Joseph Reeves from Oxford Archaeology showed great interest in using gvSIG Mobile on Openmoko, a Linux-based operating system used on a new phone called Neo Freerunner. So I started to create an unofficial version with a new GUI (simpler and more finger-oriented), based on the not-so-mature Java resources available on Openmoko. This software is now available in an initial beta version so that we can receive some feed-back from users.