Geopublisher and AtlasStyler

About AtlasStyler

AtlasStyler is a user-friendly application to style geodata. The resulting styles can be saved to XML files that follow the OGC SLD/SE standard 1.0.

The created SLD files are compatibel with GeoServer, uDig, Geotools-based applications and all other programs that use the OGC SLD standard.

The application provides a multiplicity of intuitive dialogs that allow to create style productively - without dealing with any XML. You can apply abstract classifications like unique values, colored quantiles or equal distance; additionally you have integrated access to an online symbol-database. You can create and save symbols in the SymbolEditor and reuse you symbols in classifications or other projects.

About Geopublisher

Geopublisher is an atlas authoring system which allows easy publication of geo-data, documents, images, videos, and statistics in form of digital multimedia atlases. These atlases can be understood as minimal, pre-configured end-user GIS which offer selected functionality only where its meaningful.
Geopublisher provides tools for quality assurance and multilingual meta-data management. No in-depth knowledge of HTML, SLD or XML is required to create an atlas. Atlases can be directly published on CD, DVD, memory stick, external hard-drive or the Internet. The software is platform-independent and Open-Source.

Features as a glance: software has some unique features which make it especially applicable in the fields of international research, participatory GIS, capacity building, and development cooperation. These features include:

Detailed feature list available online.

Technical details:


All software is OpenSouce and can be downloaded from the project web page. For special challenges, the Bonn-based company wikisquare is providing commercial support, including trainings, special feature development, online atlas hosting and complete atlas creation:

Geopublisher and AtlasStyler Documentation

The multilingual (de, en, fr) webpage at http://(en|de|fr) provides a good resource for documentation about Geopublisher and AtlasStyler. Also consider to join the mailinglist for Geopublisher and AtlasStyler users: atlas-framework-users. However, the following PDF documentation is now locally installed on your computer in folder /usr/share/doc/geopublishing:


AtlasViewer (How to use atlases created with Geopublisher)

AtlasStyler (Styling layers with SLD)

Geopublisher (Create and export atlases)


More tutorials are posted as blog entries at

Geopublisher (Create and export atlases)

AtlasStyler (Styling layers with SLD)