Geomajas is the extensible open source web mapping framework, enabling integrated GIS solutions for businesses and government.

It's key features are:


Geomajas is a free and open source GIS framework for building rich internet applications. It has sophisticated capabilities for displaying and managing geospatial information. Its modular design makes it easily extensible, while a client-server architecture guarantees endless scalability.

The focus of Geomajas is to provide a platform for server-side integration of geospatial data, allowing multiple users to control and manage the data from within their own browsers. In essence, Geomajas provides a set of powerful building blocks, from which the most complex GIS applications can easily be built.

Running Geomajas on the LiveDVD

To run Geomajas on the Live DVD, click on the "Geomajas start" link on the desktop. After a few seconds of loading, a browser will pop up, pointing to the Geomajas 1.4.2 sample index page. This page will show you for samples build with Geomajas, each concentrating on a different functional aspect of the technology. Tutorials explaining how to use Geomajas are found within these samples.

To stop the Geomajas server from running, click on the "Geomajas stop" link on the desktop.