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emacs is not shipped on the DM. I find that strange, as many developers cannot live without it. I downloaded the binary rpm from ftp.netwinder.org/users/t/tuttle/. Thanks, Brian Bray

The RPM won't install. You've got to use rpm --nodeps to install most packages on NW as the rpm database isn't up to date. Hopefully, this will change with one of the disk images soon. (I started using Linux with Slackware, so I know next to nothing about rpm.) Thanks, again Brian Bray

The list of dependencies as reported by rpm:

emacs now installs without a hitch. Looks good, too. On initial inspection it looks like everything works beautifully. Now, with Perl, C, and emacs, I'm in business. I'll worry about the rest later.

The more I work with the NetWinder, the more I like it. Kudos, Corel. This is one hell of a computer.

Downloaded the kernel source (which is sadly missing). Also downloaded the firmware and kernel binaries. Why didn't Corel include this stuff on the disk image? If you don't want it, it's easy enough to rm it. Downloading all this stuff is a pain at 28.8Kbaud. (The trials and tribulations of living in rural Michigan. Thank goodness for ISP shell accounts.)

Took delivery. That's what I call service. Thanks, Corel.

First thing I did was to attach my Logitech Cordless Desktop. Look Ma, no wires. Gotta love it. This is the only way to fly on the NetWinder.
I'll get around to trying my HandyKey Twiddler at a later date. I don't want to push my luck.

Networking configuration isn't working. I can't get the darn thing to recognize the 100BaseT port, eth1 even after playing with the scripts. Called Corel. They inform me that the documentation does not include the instructions to fire up nwconfig. The FAQ doesn't say anything about it either. nwconfig does the trick. Networking is up and running using the tulip driver. Wow! is this thing fast.

Put my display parms into XF86Config and fired up X. (Why wouldn't it be called XArmConfig?) Video is pretty fast for 2 MB. Too bad I can't have 24-bit at 1024x768. Looks like they fixed the earlier reported X-server problems. I like it -- a lot.

I am very disappointed in the WM configuration. There are lots of links to lots of different programs on the fvwm menus, along with a few icons on the bottom of the screen, almost none of which are loaded onto the machine. Serious is the lack of any graphical browser. No matter, I guess I'm going to throw out the entire configuration and start fresh. I'll just use the console for now.

Looks like I've got Perl and C, but no emacs. Need to contact the mailing list, I guess.

Note: Look into possibility of trying arena browser as a stop gap until a stable Mozilla is available.

Ordered NetWinder DM from Corel

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